Hargreaves Esq Team

Keith Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

Keith is the driving force behind Hargreaves Esq. With decades as a sales and marketing manager under his belt and another lifetime running his own IT business, Keith has lived and breathed the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. His skills in events, upsell, new business and online support, customer service, advertising, social media management and marketing allow him to focus holistically on sales and bring a new energy to brand awareness.

As our founder and CEO Keith has gathered a team he can trust to provide the package he wished he could have counted on – a new approach for a new business era.

Jade Fothergill

Communications Director

With a career spanning four countries across three continents, Jade has a broad range of skills gained from her time in international relations for Japanese and UK governments, broadcast services for Ericsson in Spain and more recently in her work locally as a freelance writer and marketer with a focus on small business.

Jade’s forte is improving business practice, effective communications and making meaningful connections: She is consistently successful in developing and delivering the messages and culture of a business to stakeholders and end-users. Jade is renowned for her ability to identify, instigate and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships that create new ideas and collaborations, promote initiatives and broaden campaign engagement.

Susan Herbert

Brand Marketing Leader

Susan is a marketing professional with a career focussed on building brands and developing strategic plans to drive long term business focus and profitability. She has a strong track record of delivering results in B2B and B2C across the UK and Europe with global brands.

Susan is adept at developing strong partnerships which lead to long lasting commercial and community strength, delivering proven results. She’s an absolute whizz at creating events on local, national and global platforms, and specialises in taking the big picture brand vision right through to the nitty-gritty of detailed planning and delivery.

Michelle Dorgan

PR & Marketing Professional 

Michelle has spent most of her career working in sports marketing beginning at UK Athletics, moving on to a consultancy where she led projects with clients ranging from national governing bodies and sporting institutions to not-for-profits and athletes.

Michelle then combined her love of football and passion for marketing at the League Manager’s Association, overseeing the LMA Business Club and Community Fund, working with commercial and charity partners, and managing the inaugural LMA Annual Management Conference at the Emirates Stadium.

Michelle is considered the best in the business – she was asked to lecture in sports business at the AMOS Sport Business School in 2018, which she continues to do today. We’ re lucky to have her vast experience and knowledge on board.

Steve Hooper

E-commerce Growth Strategist

When he developed his first website 25 years ago, Steve started on the path to a career that would see him work with thousands of businesses of all sizes helping them grow through online methods.

Steve’s designs, implementation and coaching of a combined customer service, marketing and sales force take your customers on a journey that turns complete strangers into raving fans of your business, and helps you see marketing as more than a necessary evil.

Having worked with thousands of companies on their growth over the years, Steve has the knowledge and knack that allows him to look for quick wins and long term benefits in businesses in all sectors that ensure long term predictable growth.

James Clark

Retail Business Expert

James is a business leader who has specialised in developing loss making businesses into profitability & re-establishing businesses with declining revenue across the UK & EU. His entrepreneurial approach, aligned with utilising new technologies to deliver streamlined business operations with measurability, helps to give a balanced view of where a business can improve & modernise.

James’ work is customer focused with direct solutions, based on solid financial projections. He has a keen eye for P&L development along with experience of web, CRM & finance systems to improve your reach, revenue, efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

Cathy Bettinson

Sports Marketing Professional

Cathy is an experienced marketing professional specialising in the sports industry. After graduating with a first-class Marketing degree from Cardiff University, Cathy started out as an account handler at a content marketing agency, before moving on to lead the activation team at digital sports marketing specialists, Ball Street Network.

During her time at Ball Street Network and more recently at DAZN, Cathy worked with an impressive roster of industry-leading brands on content, social and digital campaigns. She thrives on developing innovative solutions for her clients that deliver on their objectives while simultaneously adding value to the experience of sports fans. Cathy has a significant body of experience in social and digital media, video content and sponsorship activation.

Paul Sherratt

Sports Retail Expert

Paul has spent over twenty-five years in the sporting goods industry in sales, marketing, and product roles across many leading brands.

In recent years he has helped build and drive small and big brand businesses alike, alongside founding and creating his own sports brand to become a global leader in the category.

Paul has particular expertise in scaling sports businesses advising, in particular, on product development and sales and marketing strategies and has a deep understanding of both the UK & Irish sports retail landscape as well as the wider global market enjoying multiple worldwide relationships within this field.



Our namesake, Hargreaves Esq, embodies the qualities we aspire to every day – loyalty, creativity, determination and confidence in our skillset. He’s adept at quickly identifying priorities and bringing a laser-like focus to his goals. Like our CEO, he aligns himself only to the best people and then brings out the best in them, all while looking dashingly handsome!